Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tutorial - Treat Box

Renee here - welcome to my Sugar Creek Hollow vintage treat box tutorial.

I love little treat boxes of all shapes and sizes and couldn't wait to try this one!

I have used orange and black glitter paper on my project and when you see the challenge this week, you will know why.

Supply List
One 5"x7" piece of heavy duty cardstock or designer paper (the heavier the better)
One 1 1/2" square piece
Two 3"x3" pieces
Whatever embellishments you want.

Step #1
Score the 5"x7" paper @ 1 1/2", 3", 4 1/2" and 6" (the little bit of overhanging paper will be used to adhere it together.

Step #2
Fold the paper on the score lines and glue it together.

Take the 1 1/2" sq. paper and put it in the center of one of the 3" sq. pieces.

Trace around the smaller square and then draw "cut" lines that will be adhered to the bottom of the box.

Step #4
Glue the 3" sq. piece to the bottom of the box.

Step #5
Do the same thing for the box top but DON'T glue it to the top.
You'll need to be able to pull it on and off to get the treats out.

As for the rest of the box...decorate as you please.  To make the top more attractive I added some ribbon around it.

If you like the "floating" bats here's how I made those.  To curl the wire just wrap it around something round.  The diameter is up to you.  Sometimes I use a pen and sometimes I use something as small as my piercing tool.

I took on bat and placed a glue dot on it.  Stick the wire to it and then stick the second bat on the back to hide the glue and wire.  With two bats it looks like its wings are actually flying.


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